Happy Dog Soap



Happy Dog all natural soap leaves fur soft and clean without over drying. It also deters fleas and has been proven effective for removing red dirt.

About the models: 

Lily (11) and Lucy (7) were both stray puppies living on the streets of Kauai. They were taken in and nursed to good health by Ginger Kenny, Island Soap retail manager and product developer.   In their youth, they both spent many days in the Kilauea/Island Soap & Candle Works store learning to trust people and to socialize properly.  (To be honest Lucy is much better at customer service.)  They are well loved and continue to thrive in the Kenny home.  

Fun Island Soap Fact:  More than a dozen dogs have been fostered by Island Soap Co. employees and many of those foster dogs met their owners in the Island Soap & Candle Works stores.  We  love Dogs ... and cats too!



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