Our green efforts

Bulk products that use less and save more


We are offering gallon versions of our popular liquid soaps, lotions, shampoo and conditioner. This bulk version of our products are packaged in a lightweight, durable and reusable plastic bag made with half of the plastic of a rigid gallon jug. The empty bags are sent to us flat, reducing wasteful shipping and, when full, each contains the equivalent of ten 12 oz. bottles or fifteen 8 oz. bottles.

For more information about the gallon bag please visit the manufacturer's website at

Soap, candles and lotions made with the sun

In 2007 we decided to do our part to reduce this dependency on fossil fuel and the subsequent environmental impacts. We installed a large photovoltaic solar array on the roof of our factory which supplied about 75% of our factory’s energy needs. In 2009 we added even more solar power to cover all of our energy needs and since then we have been running on sun power!


See what our solar panels are producing right now (Click Here)

Forest friendly packaging

Over time we have been switching our printed paper packaging to either recycled paper or Forest Stewardship Council FSC certified paper. On the back of much of our packaging you will see the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)  logo. The FSC is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC sets high standards that ensure forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable way. For more information on the Forest Stewardship Council  click here to visit their website.

We use recyclable craft paper for our packing material

No one like those styrofoam peanuts. We only use FSC certified climate neutral, recyclable craft paper for our packing material.

About our palm oil

Many of our products, such as our lip balms and soaps, benefit from the qualities of natural palm oil. 

Unfortunately palm oil has gained a negative reputation due the actions of disreputable palm oil producers who have caused significant ecological damage.

In response to these concerns organization called Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil or RSPO was established in 2004. Its members include NGOs (such as WWF), institutions, purchasers, and manufacturers.

Together, the RSPO members have worked out a certification standard for manufacture and traceability, guaranteeing that the palm oil production meets environmental and social principles and criteria.

To help support their efforts and do our part we only use certified RSPO oil in our products.

For more information about RSPO please visit their website at RSPO.ORG

Additional information about RSPO can also be found here at



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