About Our Soap

How Our Soap Is Made

All of our bar soaps are made with the time tested "cold process" method. Our soap maker combines exact quantities natural plant oils such as; palm, olive and coconut with a lye and water solution, warmed with exacting time and temperature to craft our soap. It is the careful blending of these oils, a mild acid, with lye water, an alkaline, that transforms these normally opposing ingredients into soap. 

With constant stirring this mixture of oils and lye water solution gradually thickens as it begins to transform. Towards the end of this mixing period we add fragrances and color. Once the mixture has thickened to the right consistency it is poured into individual molds for the coconut soaps or into large square box forms for our gourmet soaps. Not long after being poured into forms this mixture of oils and lye water begin to transform, in a natural chemical reaction called saponification. This style of soap making is known as “cold-process” as it is not necessary to “cook” the mixture. The heat generated from the natural chemical reaction is enough to provoke the transformation.

The soap will harden enough in 24 hours to be removed from the mold or form. The soaps are then moved to drying racks where they will continue to cure for at least 2 weeks. Once the soaps have fully cured they are packaged and labeled, ready for shipping.

What Makes Our Soap So Special?

We have designed our recipes to have extra oil left in the finished soap. Unlike more commercial brands we do not remove the natural glycerin. This creates a creamy bar of soap with a beneficial moisturizing effect.


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