Omega HI-Brush Shaving Brush



We have chosen these Italian made, synthetic fiber, high quality shaving brushes to be used with with our handmade essential oil shaving bowls.

Why are they made with synthetic fibers?

  • They’re cruelty-free: The main reason for the existence of synthetic hair is respect for animals’ lives. They’re a vegan option, so you’ll be sure no animal suffered for you to enjoy your shave.  
  • You’ll need less shaving soap or cream: synthetic fibers aren’t as hollow as natural hair, so they absorb less product.
  • They last longer 
  • They dry quickly: they absorb less water than animal hair, so they dry much faster —which means they’re great for traveling. 
  • They’re more hygienic: Since they dry faster, they’re also easier to clean and bacteria are less likely to accumulate which makes them better for those with sensitive skin.
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